Easter Russian Lifeline, 2022

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

     “FEAR NOT . . . For He is risen as He said!” These words stand at the pinnacle point of the gospel proclamation. The apostles made the resurrection victory of Jesus the leading point of their preaching. The announcement that Christ conquered death is the central point of the gospel message the apostles proclaimed in the book of Acts. They believed in Jesus’ resurrection so firmly that they were willing to give their lives for that belief. The Apostle Paul makes the resurrection the basis for his teachings on how we should live the Christian life.
     Perhaps the greatest significance of the resurrection is found in the words, “as He said.” The resurrection is the highest proof of the validity of both the Old and New Testaments. God always keeps His word. As H. Robb French wrote many years ago, “God’s truth will endure, our foundation is sure, there’s no need for a fear or care.” God’s Word is authenticated in human history in such miraculous ways that everyone who studies the Scriptures with an open mind comes to the conclusion God has been in control of human history and has changed its course many times. And the resurrection brought about the greatest change of all. Because of Jesus’ victory over death and hell, we can be very sure He will help us overcome all our fears as well.

     Grace and Peace be multiplied to you all! Attached is our Easter Russian Lifeline Prayer Letter.
     We are still in daily contact with several of our friends and co-workers in Vyborg, Russia. The churches are meeting regularly and the rehabilitation centers are also continuing their ministries. Every week there are at least three meetings in the Christian Center.
     We have been sending support to our co-workers in Vyborg. Obviously, none of them have any connection with what the Russian military is doing in Ukraine – in fact, quite a few of our friends in Russia do not even know what has actually been happening there.
     We strongly believe “God will always make a way!” Please join us in praying for an Easter miracle, that they will be able to continue to get the help they need so much.

All for Jesus,
Richard & Judy



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